quite TRENDY

Inside Citi Flat, the latest technology is at your Service.

Your comfort and privacy will attain whole new levels: with personalized access cards, permanent and unintrusive security systems, and many other solutions aiming only at making your life simpler. Here, the architecture is understated and elegant, the spaces of leisure luxurious, vast and inviting. All with permanent rationalization of energy resources; living in style also means coexisting with our planet.

quite CLOSE

For you, Citi Flat will be much more than an exceptional home. The whole building is an active community, a lively social network where the atrium itself is a meeting place for socializing, anticipating and enjoying life in Lisbon: here you’ll meet friends, the occasion to see a football match or a good movie, maybe even the beginning of an unforgettable night out. Every social space in Citi Flat is an opportunity to endow your life with more style.

quite SPORTY

Citi Flat is exclusive in another way: by being the only building in Lisbon with a fl eet of electric bicycles; off ering a lift built with them in mind. Move, vibrate, practice the physical exercise of your choice, at will. Also thus we have fulfilled our promise: each apartment is in itself a celebration of a special lifestyle. Yours.