quite UNIQUE

You are welcome to a new concept of housing excellence in Lisbon. A building where the search for comfort, for a unique style, lives side by side with unparalleled materials and architectonic solutions.

Citi Flat. Right in the centre of Lisbon, innovative apartments for young minds, ample spaces for demanding, modern lives, with technology that aims only at simplifying your life. Apartments that are you, in short.

quite LIGHT

Artists have celebrated the splendid Lisbon light for centuries, depicting the azure sky over the city, the houses and roofs that spread in the sun. But this famous light is much more than raw material for painters or photographers; it will be the backdrop to your life at Citi Flat. Even without leaving, enjoy the sights, share the wonders that nature recreates in this unique city, every day.


Only the most natural and sustainable of materials. Only the most comfortable and high-quality solutions. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, only the best is able to satisfy a penchant for simplicity. Where does the air-conditioned interior end and the open space of the city begins? Where will your steps take you today?